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Becoming Void Walker, Elizabeth's Forthcoming Poetry Book

I'm excited to announce my forth-coming book, Becoming Void Walker.

Becoming the Void Walker is a story of reclaiming power as a person who is Queer, Transgender, and Neurodivergent.

I have always existed in the in-between. Between gender, between wanting to live and wanting to die, between anxiety and depression. As a child I would have night terrors of forever falling into texture. These experiences were all preparing me to create meaning for those who do not fit into normality.

The Void walker is a character that I created to retell my story. I have been given many names and many stories have been told about my people. Tranny, Faggot, weird, out of the loop. I have looked into myself and seen what it takes to love me. That is the most beautiful journey any one can take. 




Reclaiming my beauty. Reclaiming my power


I am the Void Walker.

I will be posting some of the poems and readings here, as well as notifications of it's...
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