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Books, Zines, Pins, and other original artwork from Elizabeth Allen Berry

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Join Elizabeth for a Poetry performance. Currently she is performing her poetry from her new book, Becoming The Voidwalker

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Join Elizabeth at her live performances, as event host, with her products at pop-up shops, and participate in art and poetry community.

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Chaos Magikian, Poet, Community Builder

Hi, I'm Elizabeth [they, them]

Welcome to my Universe 

I was born into a world where I was destined to be forever in-between. My time in the void has transformed my story into the World-Changing Movement for Cosmic Love.

If you'd like to read my bio, you can click on the 'Meet Elizabeth' tab above.

If you'd like to speak with me, or hire me to speak for your community, click the 'Book Her to Perform' button above or go to the Speaker's tab. 

Or, simply 'Stay in the Loop' below and experience a [free] journey and reading from my forth-coming book "Becoming The Void Walker"

Modern Magik, Creating Self Love Portals

Elizabeth creates spell books! These are DIY Books, also known as zines. 

With their publishing company: Cosmic Q, they product each of these zines as limited edition releases. Each one a powerful tool of manifestation. Each one infused with cosmic self love.

By having these portals in your home, you can open your arms to new realities of joy and abundance.

Click below to browse her catalog of Zines at Cosmic Q Publishing.

Zines store at Cosmic Q

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I'd love to keep you up-to-date on the events, where you can find me, artwork, songs and Elizabeth-News. +++ A full performance from when I was a featured artist during pride month!


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and experience a poetry reading from a featured artist performance during pride month!

I'll also keep you up to date on all the things happening from bookings and songs to new artwork.