Hi, I'm Elizabeth



Hi, I'm Elizabeth Allen Berry.

My Pronouns are She//They.


Born Into The Void.
I was born into a world where I was destined to be forever in-between. As a child I would have night terrors of me falling into unending texture. As I grew older I began to understand these as anxiety attacks. This space of "the in-between" taught me much about who I am and the world-changing movement for cosmic self love that exists within my story.


Finding Myself.
After years of trying to fit into other's boxes and labels, I finally knew who I was. I accepted me and after graduating from University of Wyoming with a BS in Zoology with an emphasis on Entomology, I decided to BE me.

I claimed my power as a woman and chose my name.

Elizabeth Allen Berry


The Biology of Me. 
In this new space of cosmic self love, I have crafted and curated calm through my research in buddhism and chaos magik. My studies in the biological world gave me highly effective metaphors to step into profound new understandings.


Poetry: Owning the Power of my Word and Presence
My technical endeavors of scientific writing opened my eyes to the beauty of word crafting. Some writers and poets that inspire me include: Vladamir Nobocov, E. O. Wilson, Paul Kalanithi, Scott Shaw, Walt Whitman, Fredrick Neichze, and Pablo Neruda.

As I vibrate my voice I chemically change the world around me.


Self Love Journey + Inspired Actions
Loving me is a journey. I'm not done, there is more to come, and, I have found a path that not only worked to bring me to love, but I have brought many others there too.


Rules of the Game.
Understanding, Unconditional Love, Deep Gratitude.

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Professional Bio:

Elizabeth Allen Berry Is a poet, musician, artist, and advocate for cosmic self-love. She sees the edges of conversations, objects, and people. She is a Queer advocate and is shifting the conversations around being LGBTQ and Trans in the world today.

As an accomplished artist, scientist, and educator, Elizabeth creates expansive space for calm and self-expression. She is founder of Cosmic Q Publishing and is creating zines that help all love unconditionally.

Elizabeth lives and performs in Las Vegas. You can find her performing and at open mics in town expressing through poetry.

"Being present with Elizabeth opened up my life to being fully and authentically who I am meant to be." 

-L.B. Minneapolis, MN

Thank you for Joining Me in  Making the World a Better Place.

I would love to talk with you about speaking with your community or business, as well as  taking you on a Self-Love journey with me.

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