The Magik of Reclaiming Our Power Through Poetry

I have been given many names in my life. Called many things against my will. I have been told what I can do with my body, who I should be, how I should act.

Through the power of vibrating my voice with poetry I reclaim my power in this world. I reclaim my identity. Reclaim who I am.

With each breath we take we gather our strength to bring us to this moment right here

This moment is the epoch of a lifetime

The serenity of the sunshine

Sweet sublime,

Thank you for breathing with me

S P O K E N  W O R D


The power of words and rhythm allows the brain to process greater emotions and feel the words in a new way. 

Feel the empowerment of Ellie's expansive poetry and spoken word performances. 

Wow your audience with a heart-touching presentation. 


My performance is great for pride festivals, companies and colleges that are looking for open hearted conversations about gender and sexuality, and activist organizations.

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"Ellie's journeys and words take me back to the happy parts of my childhood. The innocence of just being you and unadulterated."

-AJP, Las Vegas, NV

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